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The Hip Hop Ear Training CD is a comprehensive ear training program that consists of several ear training exercises which focus on 4 specific types of au/p&gty training. Each track comes equipped with 100% unique ear training music that have hip hop drums panned to the right and ear training notes panned to left. This gives you the freedom to mute the notes, or drums, to tailor your ear training experience to your exact needs at your command.


Session 1

Single Note Ear Training

This section is a complete One Note Ear Training solution.

What’s On This CD:

This training session focuses on playing random notes and singing back the correct pitch after they are played. The goal is to match the pitch you sing with the actual or absolute pitch that was played.

This fine tunes your listening ability and your ability to sing out the exact pitch you hear. This is also known as “sight singing ear training” and is an extremely important skill for singers to possess.


Session 2

Interval Ear Training

This ear training exercise focuses on Interval Training, which helps you master relative pitch and gives you a better understanding of musical intervals.

What’s On This CD:

This goal of this session is to train your ear to recognize intervals (known as relative pitch) so you can determine the notes in any melody by listening.

This method of scale ear training helps you “play by ear” and compose melodies with greater ease and efficiency. This is a great skill for songwriters to have.


Session 3

Drone Note Ear Training

Session 3 focuses on harmonic ear training, which helps you perfect your ear on Tonality by playing Drone Notes.

What’s On This CD:

Tonal memgty is the ability to recall a previously sounded tone. It also helps musicians maintain the correct pitch of any given note.

Singers who possess good tonal memgty can hold a note for long periods of time, while staying in perfect tune. This skill also benefits a musicians compositional ability.


Session 4

Common Chords Training

Session 4 demonstrates 5 of the most common chord progressions in C Major and 5 in C Minor.

What’s On This CD:

This session helps musicians who create background tracks by understanding the harmonic structures that support a melody.

This will improve your ability to hear how chords relate to each in the context of a piece of music. Chord recognition helps all musicians understand what they hear, the key it is in, and how to improvise on top of it.

As you can see, The Hip Hop Ear Training CD covers ear training from all angles.



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