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Intervals: The Building Blocks Of Music

February 25, 2016
The relationship between two notes is called an “interval” and they are the most basic building block for what we call music. I firmly believe that a comprehensive understanding of intervals is a necessity to improving as a musician, songwriter, composer, and singer. It’s also

The importance of Ear Training

February 23, 2016
How can you know what note to play on your guitar or piano if you cannot properly hear music? How can you know what note to sing if you don’t even know what key the song you are singing is in? Ear training is immeasurably important for both singers & musicians (and doubly so for those who

Perfect Pitch Ear Training

February 20, 2016
In the past it was believed that only people like Mozart & Beethoven had perfect pitch and that the ability was beyond the grasps of most “normal” people. Of course like many other ideas from the past (like “the world is flat” & “the world is the center of the