The importance of Ear Training

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How can you know what note to play on your guitar or piano if you cannot properly hear music? How can you know what note to sing if you don’t even know what key the song you are singing is in?

Ear training is immeasurably important for both singers & musicians (and doubly so for those who are both singers & musicians!) You must have a good sense of relative pitch to be a good musician or singer. And also it should go without mentioning that it is paramount to being a good songwriter.

What is relative pitch? It is the ability to understand how notes and chords relate to each other. When you have a good sense of relative pitch you can know which note will sound good next. It’s also vital to being a quality singer and/or musician.

The good news is that these days is it easier than ever before to get quality ear training. Why? The internet. You can now download a top quality ear training program online within just a few minutes and get started right away.

Probably the most popular (and most effective) ear training program available for instant online download is Pure Pitch Method which will help you develop an excellent sense of relative pitch along with perfect pitch. Yes you read that right you can develop perfect pitch. It’s a myth that you have to be “born with” perfect pitch. It is possible to develop!

While perfect pitch is not essential to be an excellent musician or singer like relative pitch is, it is still a valuable tool that can take your musical skills to the next dimension. When you have the skill of perfect pitch you can name a note just by hearing it. You can also sing any note off the top of your head, without reference!

Johnny Moon highly recommends Pure Pitch Method for ear training.

For those who want to improve their singing it’s recommended to combine your ear training practice along with Singorama Singing Lessons.

Online Piano Lessons are also recommended to improve your understanding of music even if you do not want to play piano as your primary instrument.

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