Perfect Pitch Ear Training

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In the past it was believed that only people like Mozart & Beethoven had perfect pitch and that the ability was beyond the grasps of most “normal” people. Of course like many other ideas from the past (like “the world is flat” & “the world is the center of the universe”) it is now known that is not the case. Almost anyone can develop this skill with the right training methods.

Relative pitch ear training has long been a part of most musician’s lives. What is relative pitch ear training? Basically it’s learning the relationship of notes to each other. For example knowing that a C to a G is a perfect fifth and being able to hear that interval. But you see what’s important is the relationship between the notes, not the notes themselves. For example D to A is also a perfect fifth. Someone with this skill would be able to recognize a perfect fifth but they wouldn’t necessarily be able to tell if that perfect fifth was C to G or D to A (or G to D and so on.)

It used to be thought that while musicians could learn relative pitch they couldn’t learn perfect pitch. That doesn’t even really make sense does it? And there’s a reason it doesn’t make sense, because it’s not true. You can learn both of these essential skills with the Pure Pitch Method.

What is perfect pitch? It’s the ability to recognize a pitch without any reference pitch. A musician with amazing ability can hear a single note and know exactly what it is even without hearing any other reference note.

Perfect Pitch Ear Training with Pure Pitch Method is recommended. It’s 100% guaranteed (with a 60 day full money back refund period.) Download instantly online. Start developing perfect pitch right now.

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