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Training Features

Improve your musical ear to hear music like the pros!

Recognize chords by ear instantly!

Experience more efficient music production in the studio.

Play by ear on command after hearing a song only once

Learn perfect pitch and relative pitch and become a better musician!

Unique Hip Hop Beats make listening to our ear training music fun!

Train your ear in the car, at work, while exercising, or relaxing just by listening



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Dear Musician,

How many times have you sat down, inspired to create music, only to find yourself struggling to find which notes make up the song or melody in your head?

You aren’t alone.

In fact, many modern musicians struggle with this same problem because they weren’t born with a “musical ear.”

In some ways, it isn’t fair. While some musicians are born with a natural gift for music, others often struggle and get frustrated, wondering why they just can’t get the music out.

But now there is good news for those who weren’t blessed with a musical ear from birth.

Now any Hip Hop musician, singer, songwriter, or digital producer can “train” their ear to naturally recognize notes, chords, and intervals to compose music naturally and efficiently.

It’s called “Ear Training” and many professional and non-professional musicians have been using it gain an extra edge to take their music to a whole new level.

What our Customer Says

“I am a vocalist from humboldt, CA, and I found this CD to be very helpful. It trains your ear to hear intervals and notes. I found it very easy to listen to and learn from.!”

Ishi , from Arcata, CA

“He talks about his Julliard years and says how he and his friend used to call out the pitch as soon as a sound was heard…. – I believe he talks about it some more but don’t remember where…”

Even people like Miles Davis,, a famous Jazz musician & trumpeter practiced training his ear

Is It Really Possible To ``Train`` Your Ear?

As musicians, we could agree that music is all about emotionally expressing an idea in the form of sound. It’s about communicating meaning, feeling, and in every note. Whether it’s fast or slow, dramatic, or mellow. In the end, it’s all about the feeling the music brings. And our greatest asset isn’t our instrument, our creativity, or our inspiration…

It's our hearing.

Our ability to hear music, comprehend it, and reproduce it in the form of improvisation or composition is what separates average musicians from professionals.

Take Beethoven For Example.

He was deaf, in medical terms. But not in musical terms. His “inner ear” was so well trained that he didn’t even need to be able to “hear” the music to understand it. He could play piano by ear and know exactly what it sounded like, even though he was technically deaf. That’s because music was all in his head. He understood the relationship between every note, chord, and melody so well that he was able to compose some of the greatest symphonies of all time. Now, it’s obvious that Beethoven was an exception. He was born a natural. However, he is a prime example of how a trained musical ear can enhance your compositional abilities and allow you to play by ear like a natural.

So Why Aren't You Like Beethoven?

It all comes down to poor aural skills due to lack of training. Unless you train your ear, your struggle will continue. Think about this. You practice your instrument daily, whether that instrument is your voice, a piano, guitar, or digital music software because regular daily practice makes you better, right?

Well What If You Trained Your Ear Too?

What if you practiced improving your “musical ear” to understand notes and melodies more efficiently
just like you practice your instrument? Do you think your au/p>y skills would improve? Do you think you would gain a more “natural” feel for music? I think it’s pretty obvious. Training you ear on a regular basis will make you a better musician. And the most effective way to train your ear is by using Ear Training CDs. These CDs help train your ear by playing notes, chords, and intervals to help hone aural skills and tone recognition.

But there's a problem.

Most ear training CDs are boring. In fact, they’re so boring that many musicians shy away from them. And let’s be honest. No musician wants to spend hours listening to a boring CD to train his ear. That’s not what music is about. That’s why we created the Hip Hop Ear Training CD with killer drum tracks programmed into the music to make every training session fun and easy to learn from. Once you hear these addictive Hip Hop beats in combination with the exercises, you’ll actually enjoy training your ear!

Here’s How The Hip Hop Ear Training CD Can Help You:


By using our ear training program as little as 15 minutes per day, you can train your musical ear to hear music like a professional.

Then you'll be able to master relative pitch and perfect pitch to recognize notes & chords while you listen to music.

Once you have a musical ear you'll gain a complete insight into music.

With your newfound musical insight, you'll appreciate playing music because you will thoroughly understand what you play.

When you understand music, you become a better musician because creating music becomes more natural and fluid.

Your music production efficiency in the studio increases and become more efficient in the song-writing process.

How Does The Hip Hop Ear Training CD Do This?

The Hip Hop Ear Training CD is a comprehensive ear training program that consists of several ear training exercises which focus on 4 specific types of au/p&gty training. Each track comes equipped with 100% unique ear training music that have hip hop drums panned to the right and ear training notes panned to left. This gives you the freedom to mute the notes, or drums, to tailor your ear training experience to your exact needs at your command.


Session 1

Single Note Ear Training

This section is a complete One Note Ear Training solution.

What’s On This CD:

This training session focuses on playing random notes and singing back the correct pitch after they are played. The goal is to match the pitch you sing with the actual or absolute pitch that was played.

This fine tunes your listening ability and your ability to sing out the exact pitch you hear. This is also known as “sight singing ear training” and is an extremely important skill for singers to possess.


Session 2

Interval Ear Training

This ear training exercise focuses on Interval Training, which helps you master relative pitch and gives you a better understanding of musical intervals.

What’s On This CD:

This goal of this session is to train your ear to recognize intervals (known as relative pitch) so you can determine the notes in any melody by listening.

This method of scale ear training helps you “play by ear” and compose melodies with greater ease and efficiency. This is a great skill for songwriters to have.


Session 3

Drone Note Ear Training

Session 3 focuses on harmonic ear training, which helps you perfect your ear on Tonality by playing Drone Notes.

What’s On This CD:

Tonal memgty is the ability to recall a previously sounded tone. It also helps musicians maintain the correct pitch of any given note.

Singers who possess good tonal memgty can hold a note for long periods of time, while staying in perfect tune. This skill also benefits a musicians compositional ability.


Session 4

Common Chords Training

Session 4 demonstrates 5 of the most common chord progressions in C Major and 5 in C Minor.

What’s On This CD:

This session helps musicians who create background tracks by understanding the harmonic structures that support a melody.

This will improve your ability to hear how chords relate to each in the context of a piece of music. Chord recognition helps all musicians understand what they hear, the key it is in, and how to improvise on top of it.

As you can see, The Hip Hop Ear Training CD covers ear training from all angles.

You'll fine tune your perfect pitch & relative pitch recognition skills, improve tonality and accuracy, and improve your improvisational abilities with melodies or chord combinations. Plus, you'll learn how to do it while listening to hip, energetic beats that engage you in the learning process. The Hip Hop Ear Training CD can truly give you that musical ear you've always. But don't just take our word for it. Read what real musicians have experienced after using the Hip Hop Ear Training CD.

What our Customer Says

“Yes I Highly Recommend It!, I bought it last year, yes I highly recommend it. As a stage performer, this has really opened up new avenues for me. I listen to it in the car when I am traveling back and forth to L.A. I just throw the CD on, and listen and try and follow along with the notes. It has really helped me be able to play music by ear more.”

Geoff, from Santa Ynez

“It Was So Interesting And Fun To Listen To!, I absolutely love this ear training disc. I am a musician from Santa Cruz, CA, and I have a studio where I produce digital music. One of the biggest success factors for me in my music career has been ear training. I tried several ear training discs, and this one was particularly helpful because it was so interesting and fun to listen to!”

Scott, from Santa Cruz, CA

“It Was So Interesting And Fun To Listen To!, I absolutely love this ear training disc. I am a musician from Santa Cruz, CA, and I have a studio where I produce digital music. One of the biggest success factors for me in my music career has been ear training. I tried several ear training discs, and this one was particularly helpful because it was so interesting and fun to listen to!”

Scott, from Santa Cruz, CA

You can see how having a well-trained musical ear has helped many musicians already.

And once you have a well-trained musical ear, you'll be able to play by ear far faster and easier than ever before. You know that feeling when the notes you hear in your head just aren't connecting with your instrument? You just want to express your music freely and not be held back by any constraints. In a way it's almost painful. Well those frustrating moments when you can't get the notes out will be long gone once you begin training your ear. Whether you want to play piano by ear, play guitar by ear, master sight singing or master perfect pitch and relative pitch, it's all possible with the Hip Hop Ear Training CD.

Just imagine this.

You purchase the Hip Hop Ear training CD with some natural skepticism. You decide to make a commitment to spend 10 to 15 minutes each day listening to the Hip Hop Ear Training CD. During the first week, you begin to notice your musical ear slightly improving. Still slightly skeptical, you decide to keep listening. After a two weeks, you can see a noticeable difference in your ability to accurately compose music & melodies, and take the tunes in your head and turn them into actual notes. “Maybe this really does work,” you think to yourself. Excited and inspired you listen more. A month into your ear training, you look back at the time when you had an untrained ear, and you wonder why you ever doubted that ear training could make such a big difference in your musical abilities. You’re playing songs by ear and it’s almost like you can see the music in your mind as you hear it. Other musicians are in awe of your newfound musical talent. And now you can see why so many musicians use this method to take their music the next level.

How much would this type of improvement in your musical abilities be worth to you?

As you think about that, let Macy from Santa Barbara, CA share her feelings on how ear training has helped her:

“Worth Every Penny!, I am currently attending a masters CD for music, and the Hip Hop Ear Training CD has been an excellent companion on drives back and forth to my hometown. It helps me to train my musical ear and makes me more efficient when coming up with new melodies for my songs. Worth every penny!!”

Macy , from Santa Barbara, CA

You’ve read real stories of real musicians who have used the Hip Hop Ear Training CD to train and enhance their musical ear. And you’re probably beginning to realize the tremendous benefits these ear training exercises can have on your music. So you might be thinking:

“How Much Does The Hip Hop Ear Training CD Cost?”

Considering the vast amount of lifelong benefits ear training will bring you, we've decided to price this CD at just one payment of $24.99 (digital version - instant download) or you can get the physical CD for $79.99 with FREE shipping included. That means you pay $24.99 for an instant download or pay $79.99 to have the Hip Hop Ear Training CD immediately shipped to your home or studio. You can begin experiencing all the exciting benefits of ear training as soon as this week!

Watch your ability to play songs by ear increase the more you listen to the CD.

Gain a complete insight into music itself.

Freely express yourself through music in a way in which you have never experienced.

All of this, and more, can come from consistent daily training with the Hip Hop Ear Training CD.

But wait! I have to be honest here.

If you're looking to pop in a CD, press play, and wake up the next day a Modern Day Mozart, then this ear training CD probably isn't for you. The fact is, no ear training CD can do that - not even ours. But if you want a powerful tool you can start use to gradually improve your musical ear, enhance your ability to recognize chords, notes, and intervals by ear, and naturally compose music with greater fluidity and efficiency than ever before, than the Hip Hop Ear Training CD is exactly what you need. With time and practice you can train your ear to hear music like the pros. All it takes is a simple commitment.



Digital Version – Email Link Download



Physical Version – Free Shipping 3-7 Days US Mail

You know the phenomenal benefits having a well-trained musical ear can bring. And you’ve seen real success stories from a variety of musicians who have put the Hip Hop Ear Training CD to work in their life. So why wouldn’t you order?

Click the “Order Now” button above to get your Hip Hop Ear Training CD and make that great leap in your musical abilities.

To your music career,

Irie StylesFounder and Creator

P.S. You’ve seen the dramatic improvements The Hip Hop Ear Training CD has already made for several musicians from several different backgrounds. Their ability to compose and create music with greater ease and efficiency has improved tremendously. Just imagine what this CD can do for you. Go head and order. You will be glad you did.